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October 23, 2013

My 10 favourites part 1

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Since it's my first "my favourites" list the following things and products are my favourites in general. In future I will try to make such lists with my favourite things of the month.
This is it. Enjoy & have a nice day guys!
(only 2 more days to weekend) :)

1. ,,Raport specjalny"

It's a miscellany of 20 stories about journeys of famous travelers or just people with a great passion, which appeared in Traveler magazine through years. Reading this book is not only a great way to know interesting, not well known facts about countries these people travelled to, but it is also a perfect choice for uninspired townies. You'll find romantic story about John Caldwell, a story about activity and life of Steve Robert ,,Steve" Irwin  and my favourite story about Kinga Choszcz, who hitchhiked her way across all continents.
It will move you to tears, inspire and make laugh.

2. The Great Gatsby Soundtrack

 Two words- absolutely amazing! I fell in love with music while watching the movie( just another great element in this masterpiece). It's worth every penny, because the joy and energy it will bring into your life is indescribable.
My favourite song is nr 4- A Little Party Never Killed Nobody(All We Got) by Fergie.

3. Acqua by Roberto Cavalli

I got the sample from my Glossybox and it was simply divine. I never thought after DKNY be delicious and J'adore Dior that there will be another sophisticated fragrance, that I will get addicted to. But here it was. A freshness, power and delight all mixed together in a little beautiful bottle. Definitely worth buying not only for yourself but also it will make a great Christmas gift. You have my word for it! :)

4. Little black dress- Avon

I didn't expect much from this perfume, turned to be so good. Clear fragrance, that creates an image of powerful, confident woman, ready to conquer a world.

5. Black eyeliner from L'OREAL Paris
I have hooded eyelids and it was an constant problem for me with eyeliners, because after 2-3 hours I found myself looking in the mirror and the line was looking like a zigzag and I also had a print from it higher on my eye-shadow. It was a nightmare. I accidentally run into shop assistant in chemist's, who had the same problem and she said that this eyeliner from L'OREAL is pretty good. I was desperate and I bought it within a minute. I had so much luck, because this product rocked my world. "Duo precision"- so true. It's really easy to do your make-up with this item. No more problems with the fact that I have hooded eyelids.

6. Phantom Planet- California

Well, I love watching series. One of my dream job is actually to have my own entertainment column in newspaper, in which I would be able to write about series and movies.
Alright, I will cut to the chase. I finally watched this summer whole show : The O.C. and I fell in love with the theme song. It got stuck in my head and is played there over and over again!

7. Milky way magic stars

My favourite sweet as a child. Really. I could eat tons of them. Well, I lately find them in the market and eating them again reminded me of those carefree days, when the most important thing was to play outside as long as possible. :)

8. Project Runway Season 11 episode 8 " Take It All Off"

"The clothiers create outfits for the male revue Thunder From Down Under. Emmy Rossum is the guest judge."

It's the episode, in which they were supposed to make new looks for men and as we all know it's usually hard. But in this episode everything went so terribly wrong...I laughed and cried at the same time. It was epic. Even "Nina lost it" :)
It's seriously better than most comedies.

9. Prints, prints....more prints please!

It seems to be one of my habit. I noticed this last week when I found myself buying another blouse with wild and bold print. I love snake prints, as well as prints that looks like wild composed mosaic.

10. Mango candle from IKEA

I love exotic fruits and the idea of having a candle, which smells like one was ideal for autumn. Great price ~4zł/1$